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Hey! Welcome to Crown Worthy®. I am Sophia Emmanuel, your dedicated hair health ally.

I'm here to help you find effective solutions for hair loss and scalp disorders, ensuring your hair and scalp are at their healthiest.


Did you know that about 50% of adults worldwide experience dandruff at some point?  Scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis can cause inflammation, which can damage hair follicles and impede hair growth. By keeping the scalp healthy and treating these conditions, inflammation is reduced, thereby protecting the follicles. I created the Soothe Scalp Treatment to help calm inflammation. 

The Soothe Scalp Treatment is designed to remove dirt, bacteria, and buildup. It gently removes impurities and creates a healthy environment for hair growth.

The New Guest Experience

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Pursue my about me page. Get to know me, my skills, and how I can serve you. 

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Do you have hair loss, dandruff, or another scalp problem? Please find out how my trichological services can help you. 



I use a digital booking system for all guests. Get started scheduling your appointment.


My Specialties

Hair Loss Consultations

A comprehensive consultation will be conducted. I will identify the type of hair loss you are experiencing and provide suitable recommendations such as supplements, topical treatments, and nutritional improvements. You will be educated on safe hairstyling practices to prevent additional hair loss. 

Soothe Scalp

Soothe itchy and dry scalp with my signature treatment that gently removes dirt, bacteria, dandruff, and sebum from your scalp to create a healthy environment for your hair to grow. 

Hair Repair

I will provide hair treatments that help repair, hydrate, and encourage easy combing and styling. These treatments leave your hair feeling soft, add shine and body. 

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